Deployment Lesson for COVID #9: Just for fun!

April 12, 2020

Watch Video: The Twelve Stages of Deployment

Sure, the song in this video is out of season, and sure, it’s several years old now. But I love it so much because for EVERY ONE of these lines, I either have my own story or have heard one from a good friend. She nails it. 

If you’re like me, you’re settling into this “temporary new normal” enough to have a little hindsight… enough that maybe even the expectations you gripped so tightly a month ago might have gone out the window. Or maybe you cycle through all of these stages daily. 

I think many of us can resonate with these stages right now on some level, if we substitute “quarantined” for “deployed”: “‘Chocolate’s not a food group.’… It is when you’re deployed… (and I’m home with a baby… and a two……year…..old…….girl…….)”

The most apropos line is, “I think we’ve been extended…” Um, yep. Remember that whole thing about writing plans in pencil? We’re still in it for the long haul – we just don’t know how long – and humor is incredibly important in building and maintaining resiliency… so enjoy this video! 

What other stages have you gone through or seen others go through?

(spoken: The 12 stages of deployment, because I still have a sense of humor, even though it’s been 6 months)

In the first stage of deployment, my true love said to me: I miss you and you miss me! (aren’t you sweet)

In the second stage of deployment, my true love said to me: Chocolate’s not a food group! (It is when you’re deployed)/ (unless you’re deployed and I had your baby…) (Unless you’re deployed and I have your baby with a two-year-old girl…)

3rd: Buy something pretty (don’t have to ask me twice!)

4th: I think we’re being extended…

5th: I called up my true love: I had your baby!/ That important thing about our baby/ now she’s two months old

6th: Don’t believe the president… not because he’s a liar, but what he’s said no longer applies to us, for reasons we can’t explain because of operational security but if you guess don’t say anything, because I’ll get in trouble… and I haven’t forgotten that…

7th: Wine’s not a food group either (my food pyramid disagrees with you)

8th: Stop spending money (just try and stop me!)

9th: Are you renovating? (I always do when you’re gone)

10: Where are my model airplanes? (Packed up in the garage where they should be)

11: You should shave your legs now (nope)

Last: When that day comes: !! (yes please)

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