Back-to-School, Like Never Before

Many things are out of our control, which makes getting a handle on the things we can control that much more important. Parenting isn't just about making sure our kids show up to school every day; parenting is about helping them learn to navigate change, guiding them through whatever life throws at them. The older they get, the more hands-off we are, though we're always available to talk things through. As a family, we approach every transition as an opportunity for growth... that doesn't mean we like it, but if we can't change it, we'll absolutely make the best of it.

Deployment Lesson for COVID #5: You Can’t Do it All

Because you know what takes up lots of energy but is never ever added to our to-do lists? Existential fear and anxiety. And those are taking up WAY more emotional and mental energy than it might seem. We rarely account for them, even though they're playing a huge part in most of our lives right now.

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