Deployment Lessons for COVID-19

Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic,
I sensed a familiar feeling in my body:
dread, anxiety, resilience…

I realized that I had been through this before.
Yes, the details are different,
but so much of what we’ve learned as a military family translates into the quarantine era.

These are some of those lessons…

Deployment Lesson for COVID #9: Just for fun!

Sure, the song in this video is out of season, and sure, it’s several years old now. But I love it so much because for EVERY ONE of these lines, I either have my own story or have heard one from a good friend. She nails it.

Deployment Lesson for COVID #5: You Can’t Do it All

Because you know what takes up lots of energy but is never ever added to our to-do lists? Existential fear and anxiety. And those are taking up WAY more emotional and mental energy than it might seem. We rarely account for them, even though they’re playing a huge part in most of our lives right now.

Deployment Lesson for COVID #4: Uncertain Time Frames

So we told the kids, “We don’t know exactly when he’ll be home, but it won’t be soon. It might be around Halloween, but we always know plans can change.” Sure, it ended up being before then, but we knew that being surprised at an early date was better than them planning on May then being disappointed. Instead of answering that question of “When will it be over?” incessantly, we focused on living our lives in our temporary-new-normal, for however long “temporary” would be.

Deployment Lesson for COVID #2: Crashing after the First Emotional Upheaval

Sometimes, when we know that we’re embarking on long-term trauma – especially these particularly uncertain ones – we have to crash. Maybe it doesn’t look like Oreos for you, maybe it’s something else. But for me, in order to gear up for the next round, I have to let down for a little while.

Deployment Lesson for COVID #1: Celebrating Small Milestones

March 20, 2020 I had a familiar feeling in my gut this week that I was finally able to articulate yesterday: it felt like we were gearing up for a deployment. It feels like a sense of impending dread, fear and uncertainty, preparing for long-distance relationships, feelings of confidence that we’ll get through it, holding… Continue Reading →

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